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The AT_Trader software is an Automatic Trendline (“AT”) system for both trend and countrend trading startegies.

Auto Chart Patterns

The AutoChartPattern automatically identifies only the most reliable price action patterns that professional traders rely on every day and it projects future price moves so traders can take advantage of the big trade as it is unfolding.

Cycle Forecaster

Cycle Forecaster is a tool that allows you to capture the statistical time cycle of each market and use it to predict the best time to enter the market, minutes or even hours in advance.

Delta Algo

DeltaAlgo is a fully automated trading solution based on a Net Delta Encapsulation strategy, which measures Order Flow aggression on pullbacks within a trend.


Frequencies is an automated Mathematical Ratio indicator used for detecting the strongest reversals and continuation ratios using Fibonacci math and statistical pattern recognition.


The MTF_Divergence (“MTF_Divergence”) software is a universal, multi-timeframe Divergence indicator which facilitates the identification of high-quality trade setups.


The VMD_System software is a Hybrid momentum software tool that depicts fast and slow momentum cycles using velocity cycles and MACD-BB.


The Waves is an automated Wave analysis add-on. It calculates Impulsive and corrective waves. It auto populates PRZ’s (Price reversal zones) for trade entry.


The MTFilter software is a multi timeframe “confluence of conditions” indicator which greatly simplifies the process of determining directional bias and trending conditions.