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Transform Your Influence into Unprecedented Earnings with ARC-A.I.

In the rapidly evolving trading niche, influencers and content creators like you are on a constant quest to distinguish themselves by offering invaluable resources to their audience while maximizing their own revenue streams. The challenge? Identifying affiliate partnerships that not only resonate with your audience's needs, with a top tier customer experience, but also offer substantial financial rewards for your efforts.

ARC-A.I. is a cutting-edge force in the world of trading technology and software development. Renowned for its collaborations with global trading platforms and a broad network of traders across all asset classes, we are dedicated to elevating the trading experience with our sophisticated suite of indicators and algorithms tailored for traders, prop firms, and financial institutions.

By joining ARC-A.I.'s affiliate program, you have the potential to achieve more than just a surge in your income—you magnify your brand's influence. Align with our trailblazing presence in trading technology to set a new standard in the trading domain and unveil unparalleled earning opportunities for yourself.

Why Partner with ARC-AI?

    • Generous Payouts with a Boost: Start earning an impressive 30% commission on each referral, which scales up to a remarkable 50% with increased volume. Offering our affiliates one of the best commission splits in the game!
    • 365-Day Cookie Duration: Your efforts are recognized long term. If your referral makes a purchase within a year of clicking your link, you're credited for the sale.
    • Fast Monthly Payouts: Receive your earnings reliably on the 15th of each month, ensuring a steady income stream.

Exclusive Affiliate Perks:

    • Real-Time Tracking: Being able to monitor referrals and earnings easily allows for better strategy planning and transparency, making this tool incredibly valuable.
    • Comprehensive Support and Tools: Having a range of support and tools at your disposal is essential for effectively managing and promoting the affiliate program.
    • Dedicated Support: Personalized assistance for any issues or questions can greatly enhance the affiliate experience and is therefore highly valued.
    • Expand with Sub Affiliate Opportunities (Coming Soon): Offering additional ways to earn, such as through sub-affiliates, provides you with a means to further boost your income.
    • Exclusive Deals and Bonuses: The ability to offer unique deals to your audience can help you stand out and engage your followers, while leaderboard bonuses add an extra incentive for top performers.
    • Universal Brand Access: The ability to earn across our entire brand portfolio can significantly widen earning opportunities, making it an attractive feature.

By aligning with ARC-A.I., you're not just choosing an affiliate program; you're embracing a partnership poised to significantly elevate your financial gains while delivering cutting-edge trading solutions to your audience. ARC-A.I. is not merely a provider of trading technology; we're a catalyst for transformation in the trading world, offering you and your followers a path to greater success.

Become an Affiliate

Join our affiliate program today and leverage your influence for maximum impact. With ARC-A.I., have the opportunity to witness not only the growth of your earnings but also the enhancement of your followers' trading endeavors. Together, let's redefine the future of trading technology and software development.


1-year. If your referral clicks your link and buys within a 1 year window, you will get the credit for the sale. Even if they sign up to take advantage of any giveaway or free trial we may be running at the time, if your referral becomes a buyer within the 1 year window, you will get credit for the sale.
Receive 30% commission on each referred sale. Opportunities to scale up to 50%.
Affiliates are paid out on the 15th every month, for commissions earned the previous month, as long as your payout reached the minimum threshold of $150. (For Example: Earnings for the month of February are paid out on March 15th.) If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, you will be paid out the day before the weekend or holiday.
ARC-AI’s products are not subscription-based. They are one-time payment only.
Yes! Through our sub-affiliate opportunity you will receive an additional 5% for whatever you sub-affiliate earns. You can gain a sub-affiliate through 1 of 2 ways. (1) If you refer a customer and that customer later signs up to be an affiliate, they will be credited to you as a sub-affiliate. (2) If you use your sub-affiliate link to sign an affiliate up directly.
Yes. If you don’t see your special discount code in your Affiliate Portal, reach out to us for assistance.
If you have a product/service and an audience, please reach out to us to discuss cross promotional opportunities, such as webinars, guest appearances, email swaps, and more.
No. There is no fee charged to join our Affiliate Program.
When you sign-up for our Affiliate Program, reporting is easily found within your Affiliate Portal.
No website is required. There are other means of promotion, such as using social media, email, etc.

Please reach out to your Affiliate Manager here:

This identifier will be used to recognize you as an affiliate and will appear at the end of each URL you share.