Why Use ARC-AI Products?

  • Stop Second Guessing Your Trades
  • Finally End Fear From Your Trading Plan
  • Rely On Gold Standard Trading Software
  • ​Trade Using Indicators & Algos You Can Depend On
  • ​Signals You Can Trust With Systems That Perform
  • ​Built by traders for traders - We know What Works
  • ​Only The World's Top Trading Developers Work Here
  • ​Tools + Training + Trading = Your Success


ARC-AI, is a collective sum of over 25 years of trading experience and trading software development. Our reputation stems from working with global trading platforms, 1000’s of traders in all asset classes.

Plus developing some of the most sophisticated indicators and algorithms for active trading. We are traders and we know what traders want & need.

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Mission & Vision …

  1. Produce Smarter, Better, More Accurate Trades You Can Depend On
  2. Produce Top Tier Indicators & Algos That Humans Can’t Do On Their Own
  3. Produce A Lesser Fear-Based Trading Environment So You Can Trust Your Trades
  4. ​Produce Algos & Strategies Backed By Testing So You Trade With A Serious Edge


ARC-AI’s world class indicators empower your trading with essential analysis to help you identify the best trading opportunities using critical tools for your success.

All of the ARC-AI trading software is considered The Gold Standard in that it is coded to solve specific problems using advanced algorithms traders cannot do on their own.

We specialize in advanced code base using custom graphics as well as user-friendly UI design to allow for speedy use while trading. Each tool can be used as a standalone indicator or as part of a full trading system.


Why Use ARC-AI Indicators?

  • Built by traders & industry expert coders
  • Each product is designed to solve specific problems and provide an edge
  • All software allows or custom UI and Graphics interface
  • ​Software is built for all trader types and styles
  • ​Trade the way you want – scalping, day trading and intraday swing trades
  • ​Applicable on all markets (Stocks, Futures, FX & Cryptocurrencies)
  • ​Optimized for PC performance with low lag and latency
  • ​Indicators are built to do what humans can't possibly do on their own
  • ​Each application is designed to produce trade setups and system signals
  • ​Traders can use them as standalone tool sets or as full turn key trading systems
  • ​All software is built with only the most advanced concepts & specs made simple
  • ​Plus much more….if you have a question don’t hesitate to ask...we got you covered!!!


Choosing to use an automated trading system is not just about purchasing a new toolset, it’s literally an automated income generating machine and should be treated with the utmost due diligence.

This is where ARC-AI sets the Gold Standard in Algo development and active automated trading.

Why Choose ARCAI Algos?

  • Built by industry experts coders
  • Multiple system design and integration of custom indicators
  • Different algos designed for different trader types and styles
  • ​Algo is built for trading, testing & optimization
  • ​Trade the way you want – scalping, day trading and intraday swing trades
  • ​Applicable on all markets (Stocks, Futures, FX & Cryptocurrencies)
  • ​Performance stress tested on different risk parameters
  • ​Built for use on custom bars (to accommodate back testable real fills)
  • ​Fully automated trading & customizable back testing
  • ​Management & Trade Plans (stops, targets, qty, trails, break-evens)
  • ​Filters, Blockers, High Watermarks. Risk/Reward & Money Management
  • ​Full Custom PnL display with Equity Curve
  • ​Built-in – indicators & trading applications
  • ​Can build out parameters, test, optimize MFE/MAE & then deploy
  • ​Plus much more….if you have a question don’t hesitate to ask...we got you covered!!!


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ARC-AI is trusted by countless trading platforms, funding partners, universities, brokers, traders and developers. Below are some of our trusted and valued brands we collaborate with.

You can visit their sites and take advantage of our partner coupons so we can help you get the best deal possible while working with ARCAI and our partners.

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