Support and Resistance Indicators

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Auction Curve

The Auction curve is a Permissive Action System. This is by far the most useful scanning tool for locating trade areas for when to take trades. It essentially is used for probability enhancement for locating areas of wholesale and retail prince points.

GoldenFibs System

The GF_System is a Semi-Auto Multi-Timeframe Fibonacci Confluence Trading System. It leverages the power of MTF Support & Resistance, trade planning, risk planning, trend detection and automatic volatility assessment.

Macro Profiles

Macro Profiles is an all-inclusive multi-timeframe profile arbitrage trading solution. Using Daily, Weekly & Monthly profiles, you can now locate volume-based Support & Resistance trading zones that offer low risk highly accurate trading opportunities.

Print Profiler

The Print Profiler is a Hybrid tool that combines orderflow footprint and volume profile. The orderflow footprint tracks multiple variations of orderflow and trade signal features.

SD Volume Zones System

SDVSystem is an all-inclusive semi-auto Supply and Demand & Volume Profile QUANT trading system.

Smart Money Concepts

The SMC (Smart Money Concepts) is a Market Structure & Orderblock trading system.

Target Finder

Target Finder is a Trade Management enhancement tool which automates your exit strategies to help you get the most out of your trades.


UniZones is a universal price level and trading tool which locates key areas of interest (AOI’s) and trade setups based on Price Action and Market Structure.

VPCLevels – Confluence Indicator

VPCLevels is a multi-timeframe volume profile confluence indicator used for detecting the strongest levels of support and resistance using volume.

ATR Forecaster. Market Forecast Indicator

The ATRForecaster software helps answer the question “what is the expected trading range for the day?”.

Big Round Numbers

The BigRoundNumbers indicator is a levels indicator that identifies important psychological price levels around round/whole numbers. This is extremely useful across global markets where each asset trades with different price to level ratios.

Gap Finder

The GapFinder software makes it easy to locate gap imbalances in price. A Price Gap reflects a strong imbalance in Supply or Demand.

MTF VWAP. Average Price Indicator

The MTF VWAP software is a volume weighted average price indicator that locates daily, weekly and monthly VWAPS.


TrapFinder is a price levels tool which uses price action to identify important areas of interest which are essential for all styles of trading.

Line Alert

The LineAlert software provides an easy way to add Alerts when price touches any horizontal price level on your chart. This is a very useful capability for any trader that uses price levels or areas of interest in their trading.