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ATRVol Algo

The ATRVol Algo is an automated trading solution for Ninjatrader which uses a volatility adjusted trailing stop line with a volatility band for signal generation.

Auction Curve

The Auction curve is a Permissive Action System. This is by far the most useful scanning tool for locating trade areas for when to take trades. It essentially is used for probability enhancement for locating areas of wholesale and retail prince points.

Market Mapper

Traders need the Market Mapper software because it is important to view current price action in the context of historical price ranges.

VSR_ARB. Arbitrage Indicator

The VSR_Arbitrage is a universal measurement tool used to identify actionable opportunities based on statistical anomalies in Volume, Speed, and Range.


The ATRCurve software is a system add-on that scans market volatility. It forecasts market conditions, risk personas, system bias, and market selection.

MTF VWAP. Average Price Indicator

The MTF VWAP software is a volume weighted average price indicator that locates daily, weekly and monthly VWAPS.

Inside Outside Day

The InsideDayOutsideDay software is a custom Market Analyzer column which provides a quick and easy way to know when the current market price is trading inside or outside of the previous day’s range.

Volatility Index

The Vol Index is a statistical volatility tool that calculates average range data for global markets.