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Anchored Volume

Anchored Volume is a multi-purpose volume profiling and weighted average pricing tool which unlocks key areas of interest for both trend trading and reversal trade setups.


The AT_Trader software is an Automatic Trendline (“AT”) system for both trend and countrend trading strategies.

Auction Curve

The Auction curve is a Permissive Action System. This is by far the most useful scanning tool for locating trade areas for when to take trades. It essentially is used for probability enhancement for locating areas of wholesale and retail prince points.


The CANDLESTIX removes the unnecessary trading hype and provides you with what matters by allowing you to trade the hard-right edge with correct 1,2 & 3 bar Price Action Candle Patterns.

Cycle Forecaster

Cycle Forecaster is a tool that allows you to capture the statistical time cycle of each market and use it to predict the best time to enter the market, minutes or even hours in advance.

Delta Algo

DeltaAlgo is a fully automated trading solution based on a Net Delta Encapsulation strategy, which measures Order Flow aggression on pullbacks within a trend.


Easy Trader is an all-inclusive Trade Execution solution, focused on Trade management, Risk Management, Money Management, Trade Planning and Safety.


Frequencies is an automated Mathematical Ratio indicator used for detecting the strongest reversals and continuation ratios using Fibonacci math and statistical pattern recognition.

GoldenFibs System

The GF_System is a Semi-Auto Multi-Timeframe Fibonacci Confluence Trading System. It leverages the power of MTF Support & Resistance, trade planning, risk planning, trend detection and automatic volatility assessment.

Macro Profiles

Macro Profiles is an all-inclusive multi-timeframe profile arbitrage trading solution. Using Daily, Weekly & Monthly profiles, you can now locate volume-based Support & Resistance trading zones that offer low risk highly accurate trading opportunities.

Market Maker Tape Trader

MarketMakerTapeTrader (MMTT) is an Order Flow add-on software tool which continuously “reads the Tape” and performs 3 essential functions.

Market Mapper

Traders need the Market Mapper software because it is important to view current price action in the context of historical price ranges.


The MTF_Divergence (“MTF_Divergence”) software is a universal, multi-timeframe Divergence indicator which facilitates the identification of high-quality trade setups.

Pattern Finder

Pattern Finder is an all-inclusive multi timeframe pattern recognition trading system and pattern scanner signal generator.

Print Profiler

The Print Profiler is a Hybrid tool that combines orderflow footprint and volume profile. The orderflow footprint tracks multiple variations of orderflow and trade signal features.

RiskReward Entry Algo

The Risk Reward Entry Algo is an integrated solution for planning, entering, and managing trades.

SD Volume Zones System

SDVSystem is an all-inclusive semi-auto Supply and Demand & Volume Profile QUANT trading system.

Smart Money Concepts

The SMC (Smart Money Concepts) is a Market Structure & Orderblock trading system.

Target Finder

Target Finder is a Trade Management enhancement tool which automates your exit strategies to help you get the most out of your trades.

Trendstepper Algo

TrendStepperAlgo is a fully automated trading solution based on a custom noise reduction trend crossover strategy.


UniZones is a universal price level and trading tool which locates key areas of interest (AOI’s) and trade setups based on Price Action and Market Structure.


The VMD_System software is a Hybrid momentum software tool that depicts fast and slow momentum cycles using velocity cycles and MACD-BB.

Volume Divergence Algo

VolumeDivergence Algo is a fully automated trading solution for Ninjatrader based on a micro level divergence detection algorithm.
  • Includes 10 video course on Algo Trading
  • Detailed user manual
  • Cheat sheets
  • NT8 strategy templates
  • Renko Time converter spreadsheet
  • License for 2 PC's
  • Free report install


VPCLevels is a multi-timeframe volume profile confluence indicator used for detecting the strongest levels of support and resistance using volume.

VSA Suite

The VSA Suite is a hybrid volume profile tool used to merge Volume Spread Analysis with Profile Pattern Recognition.


The VSR_Arbitrage is a universal measurement tool used to identify actionable opportunities based on statistical anomalies in Volume, Speed, and Range.

Vwapper Algo

Vwapper Algo is a fully automated trading solution based on a volume weighted volatility driven standard deviation algorithm.


The Waves is an automated Wave analysis add-on. It calculates Impulsive and corrective waves. It auto populates PRZ’s (Price reversal zones) for trade entry.